‘Summer School of Unlearning’ is a workshop about unlearning. Unlearning is questioning how we learn and what we learn. Unlearning is to resist the atrocities of systemic oppression, violence formalized in bureaucracies of knowledge production. Between July to September, 2021, Taeyoon Choi and Jung-Yeon Ma will collaborate with guest associates from Eurasia to hold monthly online seminars for the participants in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Japan. ‘Summer School of Unlearning’ will be organized for a group of curated participants, who have diverse practices in formal and alternative education. The participants' research and dialogues will be published on the beuys on/off website, as well as a public event where they will showcase their work. Joseph Beuys’ conceptualized FIU as ‘the plan for society beyond capitalism and communism.’ In a similar manner, ‘Summer School of Unlearning’ connects participants from various cultures in an environment where they can unlearn and explore the possibility of building friendship despite the distance and cultural differences.



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