Improvising musicians and sound artists engage in their practice through playing concerts at local venues, visiting unfamiliar regions for artistic research, and applying for artist in residency programs at organizations around the world. This mobility between artists and organizers form a DIY network that become the foundation for future collaborations and further cultural exchange. Most importantly, these networks are robust because they are built on trust. However, in recent years this mobility has been criticized for its reliance on air travel, and in the past year it was completely halted due the global spread of COVID-19. Today, we are forced to explore alternative ways to build trust and encounter future colleagues through new models of collaboration.

Sounds of Eurasia – Constructing a network through Beuys/voice mail is an international collaborative project that aims to visualize the process of building an artist network across Asia. The primary initiator of contact between artists will be vinyl records with voice messages sent via post followed by online video meetings and artistic works posted on the project website. The project will conclude with an onsite performance related records by Beuys at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo.